The 2021 agricultural work summary meeting was successfully held

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On December 31, 2021, the one-day agricultural work summary meeting was successfully held in the form of video. Zhang Qihai, chairman of the board of directors of the company, Wang Dongsheng, Secretary of the Party committee, Li Dehua, general manager, and relevant senior executives and department heads attended the main venue. More than 300 people attended the video conference, including heads of agricultural companies, district heads, heads of cotton companies, and factory directors participating in order planting< br />

On site of 2021 agricultural work summary meeting. (photographed by Wang Jinzhou  )

The meeting first introduced the overall situation of the whole company, the development status of the agricultural sector and the specific situation of agricultural planting this year, read out the completion of the 2021 goal assessment indicators of each agricultural company, and commended the 2021 advanced collectives and individuals. Then, each agricultural company will make a detailed report on the work situation of the whole year, good experience and practices, existing problems and next year's work plan and suggestions, and the chairman will comment on them one by one. At the same time “ Double film covering, dry sowing, wet sowing, late sowing after the disaster and chemical topping ” And other key technical points. In view of the difficulty of calculating the labor wage and machine power cost in the cotton planting cost, it will discuss and explain in combination with the promotion of Kingdee SHR project< br />

Finally, chairman Zhang Qihai affirmed the achievements made by the agricultural sector this year, and asked the agricultural company to carefully analyze and summarize the work of the whole year, especially the existing problems, to start early and plan early, and make work plans and preparations for 2022 in advance, so as to strive to improve the cotton output and income of the company in 2022 more than this year< br />

In recent years, the company has firmly grasped the Rural Revitalization policy, promoted the land circulation to achieve large-scale planting, and gradually explored a development path suitable for the company. In order to maintain the good development trend of the agricultural sector, the company should take more measures to control the planting cost, pay attention to land improvement and low yield field transformation, and strictly control the quality of newly transferred land, so as to ensure the healthy and steady development of the agricultural sector of the company.